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03/22/2005 Archived Entry: "Selling Canada"

Gordon P. writes, Was flipping through channels tonight wasting time until something else started, and caught a piece of the _Comedy Central_ roast for Jeff Foxworthy. One of the "guests" on the roast was a remarkably convincing Geedubya impersonator, who among his other schtick said that "many have approached me with "deep concerns about the mounting deficit." He said that "I understand these concerns; and therefore, I have put before Congress, a proposal to sell Canada..." Of course, the frightening thing is that, with this particular President, that might very well not be a joke... :-( Gordon -- whose quest in life is to keep Brad and I amused (a DIRTY job but SOMEONE has to do it) -- adds, It might amuse both of you to learn that _Cartoon Network_ now has an openly Canadian heroine: "Atomic Betty," who appears to be a high-school student hailing from rural Ontario just west of James Bay, and who lives on "Maple Street" --- but is frequently called upon by the "Galactic Guardians" to best the evil genius of "Supreme Emperor Maximus IQ of Lynxia" (a giant siamese cat)... Wow! A superheroine in our neck of the woods. And I do literally mean "woods."

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