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03/20/2005 Archived Entry: "Faux documentaries"

Thanks for Gordon P. for his "heads up" on the upcoming airing of faux documentaries -- just another aspect of faux journalism/media, I suppose. Gordon writes,

On Apr-10, the "Discovery Channel" will apparently be running either the semi-fictionalized BBC "documentary" on the alleged "supervolcano" lying under Yellowstone, or something very similar to it, e.g. the special they ran last October. (It's difficult to tell, because the commercial for the special is VERY sparse on information content, and the URL it gives for the special doesn't appear to work because of a shockwave-flash problem... :-(

Also, _Animal Planet_ will be running a fictionalized documentary tonight on the biology, history, and extinction of dragons by the hands of armored knights. (It likewise has a URL for a shockwave-flash presentation that doesn't work. From _TV Guide's_ review, I gather one will root for the dragons, and have contempt the human knights by the end of the pseudo-documentary...

P.S. RE: supervolcanoes and dragons --- I find it interesting that the BBC's and the Discovery Channel's managers apparently feel that in spite of all that is going on in the world, there are apparently so few "real" issues worth filming a documentary about that they must instead film fictional pseudo-documentaries about disasters than haven't happened, and animals that never existed... :-/

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