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03/06/2005 Archived Entry: "John Stagliano Flicks"

What the heck!? And what better way to finance a personal site devoted to radical individualism and libertarian feminism than to offer porn videos for sale. I've been going through old boxes and I came across some of the video tapes that porn producers sent me to review while I was writing "XXX: A Woman's Right to Pornography." (For free online text of the book, click here.) All proceeds will go toward maintaining this website. These are the ones available so far...

Please note: these are in new condition -- that is, in boxed packages that have not been opened but I do not expect a "new" price, especially since a shipping charge will be necessary. I am asking $20 a piece for 7 videos with a shipping charge of $10 apiece -- an additional $2.50 for each added VHS -- or $125 and a shipping charge of $20 for anyone who buys them all. And, YES!, every once in a while I feel the need to do something to absolutely blow the conservative image that accompanies some of the venues in which I publish and the liberal image that comes from using the label 'feminist.' Contact wendy@ifeminists.net with questions or orders. Again, all proceeds will go toward maintaining this website. Think of it as a donation toward a worthy cause.

The videos are all classics from the renowed porn producer and libertarian John Stagliano and are full length. They are:

American Buttman in London

Buttman's Ultimate Workout (Adam Filmworld's Porn Movie of the Year)

Butt Freak

Buttman Back in Rio

Buttman's European Vacation
(AVN awards Best All Sex, Best Group Sex, Best Sex Scene Awards)

The Adventures of Buttman (Received Hustler's Highest Rating)

Bend Over Babes III (Received Hustler's Highest Rating)

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