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02/22/2005 Archived Entry: "Conspiracy Theory is Fun!"

Media Watch: According to the media watchdog RatherBiased, "Maurice Hinchey, a Democratic congressman from the Ithaca, New York area stated...that he believes Karl Rove covertly gave the fake Burkett documents to CBS in the hopes that the discovery of their inauthenticity would discredit Dan Rather and insulate President Bush from charges that he evaded the draft." (I remember Brad floated the same theory the day news that the memo was faux memo broke.)

According to the Democratic Underground (a sort of leftist 'freep', Free Republic), "The remarks came at a session on Social Security in Ithaca...but the comments didn't stay in Ithaca very long. An operative with the littlegreenfootballs.com Web site [which DailyKos considers to be a mouthpiece for freep] had recorded Hinchey's comments. Within hours, a transcript of his comments about Rove and a copy of the audiotape were on the Web site. By yesterday afternoon, the site had more than 1,400 responses to his comments." For coverage by the Ithaca Journal, click here.

An excerpt from the transcript: "Why did they do it? They knew that Bush was a draft dodger. They knew that he had run away from his responsibilties in the Air National Guard in Texas, gone out of the state intentionally for a long period of time. They knew that he had no defense for that period in his life. And so what they did was, expecting that that was going to come up, they accentuated it: they produced papers that made it look even worse. And they - and they distributed those out to elements of the media," Hinchey said

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