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02/19/2005 Archived Entry: "Googlebombing"

Gordon P. speculates, there may have been a "War between Googlebombers," yesterday, because when I attempted to verify Brad's blog that the top entry in a Google "I'm feeling lucky" search for "bastards" was the SCO site, I instead found that Evil GOP Bastards had floated back to the top. However, today it's SCO again, which I suppose means "Don't mess With LINUS"... :-/ It might have been interesting to watch the "page rank" of the two websites as a function of time --- and even more interesting to watch a graph of how many webpage references are contributing to the those pageranks...(I have to wonder: How exactly does one start and coordinate a googlebombing campaign ??? I doubt a googlebombing can be carried out by a single person; it would seem to require a concerted effort by an entire web community...)

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