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02/08/2005 Archived Entry: "Shannon Airport's peace movement"

Harry Browne - not the former LP Presidential candidate but a lecturer at the Dublin Institute of Technology - has an article in the most recent CounterPunch (one of my favorite ezines), which is entitled "Don't Get Back on that Plane". It reports on a situation of which I was unaware. Namely, the attempt by Irish peace activists to convince American military personel "to seek official refuge while their planes refuel and they are let wander through the lounges" of Shannon Airport, a small civilian airport in Ireland where American military planes routinely land. Last year, 158,549 US troops passed through the airport. According to Browne, "The invitation for some of these troops effectively to desert comes from members of the Irish parliament and even a former Irish army commandant, Ed Horgan." Meanwhile, no news on Jeremy Hinzman, the American deserter who is seeking asylum in Canada from returning to Iraq. His case is still pending.

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