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02/07/2005 Archived Entry: "Political RoundUp"

Tom Tomorrow's latest cartoon "Mr. Bobo". For the political junkies: Kerry makes his first major media appearance since the election in a five-page interview for the Boston Globe. Read his version of what went wrong.

Baghdad Burning, a blog I've mentioned repeatedly, is maintained by a woman in her 20s who resides in that city. It provides an invaluable window into the living conditions endured by Iraqis even years after the war's destruction of infrastructures that were supposed to have been rebuilt long ago. The most recent blog entry opens: Water Anxiety...I have to make this fast. We have about two hours of electricity- hopefully. The water came back yesterday evening. It's just a little drizzle but it's certainly better than nothing. E. was the first to hear it. We were sitting in the living room and he suddenly jumped up, alert, "Do you hear that?" He asked. I strained my ears for either the sound of a plane or helicopter or gun shots. Nothing... except, wait... something... like a small stream of... water? Could it be? Was it back? We both ran into the bathroom where we had the faucets turned on for the last eight days in anticipation of water. Sure enough, there it was- a little stream of water that kept coming and going as if undecided. E. and I did a little victory dance in front of the sink with some celebratory hoots and clapping. For the entire blog entry, click here.

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