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02/03/2005 Archived Entry: "The Gawker and Some Serious Sites"

The gawker is a mind-candy site that I thoroughly enjoy. One item from today: Janet Jackson’s Breast: What Have You Done For Me Lately? Frank Rich looks at the post-Superbowl XXXVIII career of Janet Jackson’s breast in his Times ‘Arts & Leisure’ column this weekend. According to Rich, it’s been one busy mammary gland: This repressive cultural environment was officially ratified on Nov. 2, when Ms. Jackson’s breast pulled off its greatest coup of all: the re-election of President Bush. Or so it was decreed by the media horde that retroactively declared “moral values” the campaign’s decisive issue and the Super Bowl the blue states’ Waterloo. And then after it got Bush re-elected, it went on to poison Viktor Yushenko. After that, it destroyed the career of Bernie Kerik, followed by snubbing Paul Giamatti for Best Actor. What’s next for this evil breast? Only Nostradamus knows. (Cue: thunder clap, scary music.) The article is entitled "The Year of Living Indecently" [NYT].

And now, in repetence for all that intellectual tooth-decay, here's several substantive sites courtesy of Thomas Knapp...

The Liberty & Power group blog, CB's Fireplace a new group blog, and, Nathan Barton's "Libertarian Commentary on the News" -- a daily feature consisting of Barton's annotations on Freedom News Daily items.

And, to continue in a serious vein...People for the Ethical Treatment of Pumpkins -- the ACRONYM is pronounced pet-poo -- needs your support!

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