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01/18/2005 Archived Entry: "Anti-Inaugural Protests"

Good article! "Will the anti-inaugural protests be covered?" by Danny Schechter. Also a good question.

Schechter writes, "This year's re-inauguration [Thursday, January 20th] promises to be more fun and games and who knows what repressive tactics will be introduced if somehow the event turns into a street fight or worse. Will there be another Chicago or Tiananmen Square or just mass arrests like at the RNC in New York? The FBI uses a sports metaphor to describe its overkill approach even as it waves a stick bigger than any Teddy Roosevelt carried. They can't wait to test out their souped up contain and control strategies. The testosterone is pumping among the G-Men. They want to engage." News of counter-inaugural events can be accessed here. Meanwhile anti-inaugural balls are being planned around the US, as the Washington Times reports. In New Orleans, protesters are planning to hold a traditional jazz funeral to mourn the death of democracy. For those who wish to participate in the Bush-Blackout on their websites, information is available here along with a selection of images to post on your website. (Personally, I am not participating because I won't let a politician shut me down, even for a day.) For information on more traditional protests, check "Turn Your Back on Bush. Also drop in on the Smirking Chimp [aka Bush] BB where the protests are being discussed.

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