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01/18/2005 Archived Entry: "More on missile shield deal"

A reader makes an interesting point about yesterday's post entitled "Missile defense scheme [between Canada and the US], a done deal?" He writes, Another "telling" sign that the deal is already signed: Canada has experienced two additional BSE [mad cow disease] incidents in Western Canada. The first one, (resulting in the closed border) almost bankrupted the Canadian Beef Industry. Now, two more cases, (with one case occurring AFTER the proposed changed in feedlot processes) and not a peep from the US - other than a statement that the process to open the borders will continue on time. The US will not risk any conflict in trade etc. with Canada so to ensure the Missile Defense Treaty. Note: actually the Canadian press is reporting three more cases...but this correction merely strengthens the reader's main point: the US is strangely silent about the new mad cow "problem" in Canada.

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