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01/15/2005 Archived Entry: "The Wonkette on BloggerGate"

The Wonkette's take on the Zonkette's revelations: "It's come to our attention that some bloggers took money in exchange for their continued support of the Dean campaign. Three thousand dollars a month for three months, in one case. There will be some who look at this as yet another example of bloggers' lack of respect for the ethical guidelines of traditional journalism, but we think that prostituting yourself for a political position is the new black. We're just disappointed that Kos and Zephyr Teachout fucked it up for bloggers by not actually getting Dean the nomination. We were counting on the 2006 elections to furnish our apartment. Wait, what are we saying? They're Democrats! They practically invented throwing good money after bad. Finally, we can stop whoring ourselves the old fashioned way."

And I love her my tagline: "Wonkette, Cheaper than Armstrong Williams and just as ineffective as Daily Kos!"

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