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12/17/2004 Archived Entry: "New Year's computer security resolutions"

F-Secure has called 2004 "The year of phishing, professional virus-writing, and arrests". Don't get too complacent about the "arrests" part. Most observers agree that the U.S. CAN-SPAM act has been a failure. And the growth of professional virus-writing is an alarming trend -- new viruses are released faster, are more effective, and are less detectable. Their purpose is not to delete your files or disrupt your usage, but instead to quietly recruit your computer into a "botnet" that can be used for email spam or for Internet extortion schemes.

With that in mind, I know I'm two weeks early for New Year's resolutions, but Bruce Schneier offers this updated list of a dozen things you should do to improve your computer security. (So far I've done ten out of the twelve.)      —brad

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