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A friend sends the following, From the newspaper/newsletter of one of the two Luxembourg communist parties I take the following which they claim to have taken from the Luxembourg right-wing (Christian-Social) party paper. My quick translation: "17th December: Rumsfeld in Luxemburg: On 17th December Luxemburg will get for the second time the chance "to show its gratefulness towards our American liberators". A four day memorial ceremony is planned. Formal notice of arrival gave 100 veterans, 100 senators and members of the House of Representatives, War Minister Rumsfeld and Dennis Hastert, No. 3 in the US hierarchy.

"The festivities begin on 16th December at 3:00 p.m. on Hamm military cemetery. A huge event follows on 17th December in the American Embassy which has been enlarged for the purpose. The climax of the events will be reached on 18th December at Bastogne with a lifelike reconstitution of the "Battle of the Bulge", in German "Rundstedtoffensive", in French "Bataille des Ardennes". Military vehicles are presented, actors were recruited and the King of Belgium will throw with His own hands nuts to the onlookers. On the 19th, parachutists of the US Army will show their skill at Mardasson, while Dennis Hastert will accept the homage of the villagers at Osweiler, the place of birth of his great-great-great-grandparents.

One is expecting 50,000 onlookers. Schools will get "educational sets" to convey the values of Liberty and Democracy to the kids. CNN will broadcast live the celebration of the expression of thanks.

Chris adds the comment: Will the Iraq War also be celebrated later with hired actors etc.? But it takes time, I guess that Vietnam is still waiting for such an reenactment...

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