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11/18/2004 Archived Entry: "Tom Delay"

Son of a B! Yesterday I blogged on the Republican attempt to cover Tom DeLay's posterior -- which was/is flapping in the wind -- from being even temporarily suspended from a "leaderhip" position in the House if he is indicted (as was/is expected soon.) Does anyone remember why that rule was enacted? In 1993, House Republicans wanted to stick it to Dan Rostenkowski (D-Ill.) who was chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and under investigation. Well, today's Boston Globe reports, "THE HOUSE majority leader, Tom DeLay, who was cited by the House Ethics Committee for three violations this year and another in 1999, was rewarded yesterday by his fellow Republicans with a rules change that will allow him to keep his leadership position even if he is charged with a serious crime." The Republican-dominated House should put out welcome mats that read "Boss Tweed."

And while we are on the subject of manipulating the system to promote/protect one individual...how about the push that is under way to change the U.S. Constitution in order to give Arnold Schwarzenegger a shot at the White House? The Schwarzenegger Amendment? The Constitution currently blocks the Austrian-born Schwarzenegger from the office of President because it requires candidates to be native-born. The Amend for Arnold Campaign is already on the Internet and arguments are being launched about why it is 'proper' for foreign-born individuals to be elected. (Personally, I don't care. Let them put Bin Laden on the ballot -- would he be any worse? OK, Ok, he probably would be. But the fact remains, I don't care about the nationality of who is put in a position of unjust power. It's the power of the position itself I'm against.) The Bushnevs know that Arnie may be their best chance of holding onto government after GWB has run out of gas, next-Presidentwise. Can American politics get any more ridiculous? It is time to remember...

"a scene from the SF film Demolition Man, which takes place in the year 2026. As Sandra Bullock attempts to bring Sylvester Stallone up to speed on what has happened in the world in the last 30 years, she refers to the Schwarzenegger Presidential Library.

Stallone: "Hold it! The Schwarzenegger Library?"
Bullock: "Yes, the Schwarzenegger Presidential Library. Wasn't he an actor?"
Stallone: "Stop! He was President?"
Bullock: "Yes. Even though he was not born in this country, his popularity at the time caused the 61st Amendment."

Oh, well, as a Canadian, I can be smug...it's *your* problem. WAIT A MINUTE!! I blogged earlier today on NAFTA-Plus, which is trying to make everything "down under" our problem as well. Drat! Does the American/Canadian/Mexican version of "Mi Casa Es Su Casa" allow me to say, "Get the hell off my property?"

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