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11/16/2004 Archived Entry: "Whack-a-Mole"

Gordon P. comments, "Senior Bush officials" have apparently compared fighting the "Iraqi insurgents" to a "deadly game of `whack-a-mole'," wherein the U.S. flattens Fallujah and the `insurgents' "pop up" somewhere else, From such a comment, it seems clear that Bushnev's policy is predicated on the assumption that there is a _FINITE POOL_ of `Iraqi insurgents' and that once U.S. forces kill or capture all of them, the `insurgency' will end. One wonders how long it will take them to realize that many (perhaps most) Iraqis view the U.S. Military as _FOREIGN INVADERS_, not "liberators," and that every time they flatten a neighborhood or a city like Fallujah using so-called "smart bombs" (racking up dozens, hundreds, or thousands of innocent Iraqi civilian deaths and casualties as "collateral damages" --- an estimated total of 100,000 so far, according to the medical journal _The Lancet_,), the U.S.is _CREATING_ new `insurgents', who will rise up and continue to resist their invaders ???

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