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11/11/2004 Archived Entry: "Tanks at L.A. antiwar protest"

Accounts are circulating of tanks being deployed to an anti-war protest in Los Angles yesterday (11/10/04). A first hand account, with photographs....

comes from Politics in the Zeros who writes, What dimbulb at the Army Reserve Center up the street from the Federal Building determined this would be a swell time to send armored personnel carriers driving around Westwood and into an antiwar demo? When two APCs got stuck at a traffic light, protestors swarmed around them. Those with the ANSWER Coalition chanted "Bring the troops home now" while regrettably those with another group yelled "baby killers." Sharp thinking there, bozos. Y'see, if you are actually serious about antiwar organizing and not just jerking off, then you want to convince soldiers to join you. Chanting 'bring the troops home now' might well resonate with a reservist nervous about being shipped to Iraq. Chanting 'baby killers' will do nothing but convince the soldiers those protestors are obnoxious assholes - which they most certainly were. Even the police looked nervous when this was happening. Not so much at the protestors but at the APCs. Probably wondering how anyone could be dumb enough to send them into an antiwar demo. Video of the tanks is available here.

The tanks claim to have been lost and to have stopped only to ask directions of the protestors. Michael Moore's site states, "In what is looking more and more like a bizarre coincidence, activists protesting U.S. militarism and attacks on Fallujah came face to face with military tanks in Los Angeles, California. As the demonstration was winding up, the two large U.S. military tanks drove past the protestors on Wilshire Boulevard two times. The second time, the tanks stopped directly in front of a group of about 50 protestors for nearly five minutes."

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