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11/10/2004 Archived Entry: "More on voter fraud"

An excellent site with good graphics on what I believe was voter fraud that allowed Bush to once more occupy an office he did not legitimately win. Also an interesting article, "None Dare Call it Voter Suppression and Fraud" by Bob Fitrakis on the same topic. Meanwhile, Aljazeera reports on the insanity that the usurper Bush and his policies have unleased on Fallujah.

Aljazeera is currently the best source of information on the destruction of Fallujah; furthermore, its articles are the ones that the Arab world is reading, the ones to which it will be reacting. (Since writing the preceding sentence, I discovered that there was a BBC reporter writing from inside the city under seige.) For example, today Aljazeera leads with an article that opens, "Muhammad Abbud said he watched his nine-year-old son bleed to death at their Falluja home, unable to take him to hospital as fighting raged in the streets and bombs rained down on the Iraqi city." The US military has achieved its goal -- the one pursued by bombing one hospital out of existence, occupying the city's main hospital and shutting down other clinics. What goal? There is now no way to record or even guess at the number of civilian casualties. "Doctors said people brought in at least 15 dead civilians at the main clinic in Falluja on Monday. By Tuesday, there were no clinics open, residents said, and no way to count casualties." Meanwhile, "A total of 14 Americans have been killed in the past two days across Iraq - including five in and around Falluja."

Gordon P. points out, Here's a disturbing factoid: In the time since Bush invaded Iraq, an estimated 100,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed as "collateral damages." That means Bush's regime is responsible for having "accidentally" killed about 1/3 as many Iraqi civillians in the past year as Saddam Hussein's regime killed during his _ENTIRE LIFETIME_...

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