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11/08/2004 Archived Entry: "The ultimate Nigerian scam letter..."

The ultimate Nigerian scam letter...

Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you to introduce me. I am Rev. Mofo Makobo, a Nigerian scam artist living in Amsterdam. I am very good at the scam and having conned many hundred of thousand of your US dollars from your more stupid fellow American citizens. I am laugh at them now, ha ha. Your name I found on a long list I scammed from another Nigerian scam artist, but a stupid one. I am laugh at him now too, ha ha. The list was names of peoples who are having many Nigerian and Romanian scam emails sent at them. (Those dam gipsies are making us Nigerians the run for our money, I tell you.)

So why am I contact you are you asking now? Because I want to give to you a opportunity of the lifetime. Because you are so smart not to be scammed by the others, so you are smart so much to be my partner. I need to buy more lists of dumb Americans (cannot steal them all, you know, ha ha). So Im looking for smart investors who were not fool by emails from the stupid Nigerian scam artists – and those dam gipsies too!

So, my friend, I give you 200% for all dollars from lists you help me buy. That is too good, you say? No it is not. I can do it for the volume and pass the savings on to you my partner!! What can be better than that?

What are waiting for?? It is time now that you email me for money transfer instruction. Your smart American investment will start making the money as soon as I receive confirmation that your US$10,000 (that is the right amount I want) has been credited to my bank account in Romania (hey, those gipsies are not all of them crooks, ha, ha).

I have not convinced you yet? Be assure that all of MY profit will be use for humanitary aid for the starving little childrens in my own Nigeria.

May god bless you,

Rev. Mofo Makobo

P.S. Please pass this opportunity of the lifetime to your also smart friends to their advantage!

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