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10/26/2004 Archived Entry: ""

Update on letter allegedly from John Hospers in which he endorses Bush for President....I am almost literally heading out the door on the first pure vacation Brad & I have indulged in for about 6 years. (Check McBlog for our daily progress through Eastern Europe toward "Castle Dracula" for Hallowe'en.) I still have no definitive sense on whether the letter is genuine as opposed to being an anti-LP prank or a cheap grab for Bush-votes.

There is little media attention on the matter but this may be nothing more than a reflection of how little influence Hospers currently wields in any arena. For what it is worth...my best guess is that the letter is genuine. I vividly remember how anti-Soviet Hospers was in speeches I attended years ago. Of course, we were all "anti-Soviet" but he argued for invasive foreign policy with massive funding and troop presence because of the "Soviet threat." So it comes as no surprise that he would react in the same manner toward "the terrorist threat." Having said this...I still hope it is a scam. But, in my mind, he has already become a symbol of libertarianism selling freedom for the illusion that security can be purchased in the exchange.

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