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10/25/2004 Archived Entry: "Hospers endorses Bush?"

This purports to be from John Hospers! "Dear Libertarian: As a way of getting acquainted, let me just say that I was the first presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party back in l972, and was the author of the first full-length book, Libertarianism, describing libertarianism in detail. I also wrote the Libertarian Party's Statement of Principles at the first libertarian national convention in 1972. I still believe in those principles as strongly as ever, but this year -- more than any year since the establishment of the Libertarian Party -- I have major concerns about the choices open to us as voting Americans." In short...Hospers is endorsing George Bush. Pat T. has already written to ask if this is real or a hoax. I am trying to track that down right now... Since Hospers' reported email address currently appears on Free Republic, I feel able to post it here for those who wish to verify the authenticity of the letter or comment upon it. johnjhospers AT aol.com. [Note: substitute @ for AT.] If, by some happy star, this happens to be a prank, please let me know so that I can post that fact. But, according to a Freeper who claims to have written to the aforementioned email address, Hospers (or whoever responded) verified the authenticity and provided a phone number if further proof was required. (I will not provide the phone number, however.) The aol email box seems overloaded at the moment, perhaps due to a flood of queries. A "real beyond question" e-mail address for John appears on the USC website: johnhospers AT sprintmail.com. FWIW, Dr. John Ray is among the bloggers now posting the letter on one of his blog sites and he allegedly received it directly from Hospers in an e-mail. American Backlash has also posted it. Perhaps Hosper has gone Schulman. Let's hope for the prank theory to be true.

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