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10/22/2004 Archived Entry: ""

Libertarian gossip: Justin Raimondo's antiwar blog today is distressing.

It opens, "I’m watching Nick Gillespie, editor of Reason magazine, the online video hook-up to the Cato Institute’s conference which is 'debating' the Iraq war as if it were a controversial question among libertarians. His speech is all about how we have to have an 'open discussion,' and it pitched in his best solipsistic style: but I have a question. How come we don’t have a debate about matters dear to Reason magazine’s heart, like drug legalization, gay "marriage," open borders, and other 'lifestyle' issues? Mass murder is 'debatable.' Nick Gillespie’s right to smoke a joint – or whatever – is not." This is disturbing to me partly I know and like Nick, who is great guy. Moreover, Justin's crack about Nick and smoking pot is a low blow. When I have time to click on the video link Justin includes, I hope to discover that he is being hyperbolic. But I suspect he is not. I am getting to the point, however, that I am unwilling to write off people in the movement on the grounds that we disagree on the war; I've lost too many friends already over that moron's [Bush's] folly. On another note...anyone else notice that Ilana Mercer doesn't seem to have a weekly column in WorldNetDaily any more? I've had my disagreements with Ilana but it is always heartening to see fellow/sister travellers in the major outlets. I note she has a new column on anti-war.com, and I wish her well on that new venture. But I trust it is in addition to rather than instead of her regular Friday stint at WND.

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