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10/21/2004 Archived Entry: "Karl Rove Photo"

This strange item, complete with photo of Karl Rove, from the White House Pool Report...

"[Bush] helicoptered back to Air Force One, and began walking up the steps he paused and turned around a couple of times to talk to Karl Rove and other aides who were standing at the bottom of the stairs. Their conversation, apparently jocular, could not be heard. Whereupon Mr. Rove, court jester, walked over to the big wheels under the wing of AF1, put down his briefcase, and lay down directly in front of the wheels. (He must have heard about the latest polls.) In the end, Karl decided that it wasn't worth it, and that his legacy for this campaign should not be a stain on the runway. So he got up, returned the President's customary wave to the pool, and boarded the plane. " Photo here. As the Wonkette comments, "It must be one of those weird White House 'trust exercises'. . . You know, "fall backwards into Andy Card's arms, lie under the wheels of Air Force One, invade a country..."

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