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Thanks to Hugh B. for a fascinating tidbit of info! Hugh informs me, "Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury strip has continued his 'Mr. Honest Voices (R)' campaign to drive traffic to a new anti-Bush commentary website each day. As we surmised on October 11 -- the first day that Trudeau started doing it -- The Union Leader site was in fact crashed because of all the Doonesbury readers flocking to see what was with this 'URL in a comic strip' thing. Apparently it took only a couple of days for Mr. Trudeau to get smarter and start notifying the webpage host that he was going to be driving millions of hits to their page that day. When we follow the link from today's Doonesbury (which actually truncated the URL so it refers to a Salon error page instead of to the correct Salon page, it becomes clear that Salon knew the Doonesbury readers were coming, and in fact prepared a '50%-off sale' to entice them to
subscribe while they were there to read today's reference from the strip."

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