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10/11/2004 Archived Entry: "More on the Bulge"

The wicked witch is dead! Jacques Derrida -- the French philosopher who founded deconstructionism -- that is. I particularly like Scott Ott's "tribute."

More on the Bush "bulge"...more since my earlier post, that is...

Here is me_finish.mp3 the audio for his now-famous "Let me finish" remark. (A compelling argument offered for who Bush was addressing: ďAs everybody knows, Bush is in direct contact with The Almighty. If you donít believe me, just ask him.") An interesting photograph from a Swiss news source (To enlarge image, click on "Bild vergrŲssern")... A supporting photo that purports to show an earpiece worn by Bush. From Americablog, here's a video that purports to be of Bush unfolding crib notes during the first debate but no visage appears. Cannonfire writes of Bush's general track record of receiving answers and instructions through a wire (Scroll down to entry entitled "Busted!"): "Go here and you'll hear the CNN feed from Bush at the D-Day memorial. The microphones accidentally picked up the signal transmitted into Bush's earpiece. You can plainly hear a phantom voice feeding Bush his lines. (Note: On some systems, you may have to right-click the link and save the file.) This video was not doctored; many viewers heard the voice during the live broadcast. See, for example, this testimony." And Dave Lindorff has yet another excellent piece on the matter: "A Millie Vanilli President." Talk about a puppet regime. So far the most common defense offered of Bush's innocence is that he would have done a better job if he'd been getting assistance. My favorite so far: "Earpiece? No. Itís either a hump, or a huge wart. All demons have them."

BTW, I'm going out on a limb and calling the election: Kerry is going to win the popular vote. Whether he'll get seated or not depends on how much rigging the Bush administration can get away with. Or how out of touch with the popular vote the electoral colleges end up being.

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