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Arianna Huffington, of whom I am not usually a fan -- sorry, but her chalk-on-blackboard, high-pitched accent seems to come through even in her writing-- nevertheless, Huffington has an interesting article entitled "Bogus polls: meaningless farce or looming tragedy? Modern technology and wary respondents make polling less accurate -- as media emphasize poll results more than ever." Robert Higgs -- who is an AASG, All Around Spiffy-Sorta Guy -- has an excellent piece entitled "Benefits and Costs of the U.S. Government’s War Making." In essence, Bob argues that America as a free society and as a Republic has been killed by the constant warfare in which it has engaged since the 1940s. It breaks my heart but I agree with him, and I now look to other areas of the world to serve as the next ground in which liberty will root. And, after reading Bob, you might need a cartoon...or two! Tom Tomorrow's "In Their Own Words" and Mark Fiore's "The contractors!"

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