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09/28/2004 Archived Entry: ""

Cartoons: Russmo's On School Vouchers; Walt Handelsman's "Handy"; Steve Sacks' "Scenic Overlook"; Stuart Carlson's "Smokin' Out Cat Stevens"; and, Paul Conrad's "Amending the Bill of Rights".

As long as I am on the theme of people persecuted by the State...

consider the strange case of SF luminary Edward Kramer.

On the theme of privacy, WorldNetDaily notes "The House Republican leadership's new bill to restructure the nation's intelligence bureaucracy would turn driver's licenses issued by the 50 states into a de facto national ID card, say privacy activists. According to the legislation, within three years of its enactment, no federal agency may accept for any official purpose a driver's license or identification card issued by a state that does not require applicants to provide Social Security number and 'facial imaging capture'." Ron Paul urges "Reject the national ID card."

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