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09/25/2004 Archived Entry: ""

Gordon P. offers an account of a truly _bizarre_ instance of FedGov surveillance. What is frightening about this instance is just how _incredibly_ much the FedGov knew about a private individual who had committed no crime (indeed, this individual apparently came to the FedGov's attention because he was the _victim_ of a crime!), and just how _blatant_ the FedGov was about violating this individual's Constitutional Rights. It was, however, somewhat refreshing to read an account of a local sheriff who _did_ understand that the FedGov was violating this individual's rights, and insisted that the FedGov agents comply with the constitution and with federal law while in his jurisdiction, rather than doing whatever they darned well pleased... I hope Gordon is correct in his assessment that this case is "bizarre" and not becoming commonplace.

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