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09/23/2004 Archived Entry: "Weird emails"

Have other political activists been getting weird emails aplenty in the last two weeks? I have been receiving an unusually high number of invitations to join Islamic unrest, to buy firearms over the Internet, to acquire fake ID, to launder money... I used to get one or two every few months; now they are daily. Is it a sting? A scam? An harassment gambit? Just teenagers having fun? This morning's sample: "Welcome to www.dumpsmarket.ws Here you can buy stolen passports, counterfeit dollars and all other things you are in want of. If you need, we would provide you with the info about the bank account of a person who you are interested in. Also there are credit cards dumps of US and Europe residents. Your faithfully,panther aka Graph." I trash them immediately and never open a link nor hit reply... I ever did, wonder if a notation would go down in "my file." You know the files they store in the cabinet labeled "Here Be Stupid Clueless People."

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