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09/20/2004 Archived Entry: "zetetics.com service outage"

For those who were wondering, we weren't the only web site that was down most of today. A fire in Baltimore knocked webservers representing 188,000 host names off the net for over eight hours.

This is something to consider if you're dependent on the Internet. We've had enough experience with service outages to plan for the contingency. Ifeminists.net is hosted on a completely different service (and remained functioning all day), and we maintain dial-up accounts with two different ISPs (neither of which was affected). So we could still access the web, and had backup accounts to send and receive email. Any email sent to our zetetics.com addresses should eventually be delivered -- when a server is down, typically it's retried a few hours and then a day later -- but if email that you have sent to us bounces, or you fail to get a reply, you may want to send it again.


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