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08/15/2004 Archived Entry: "Windows XP Sucker's Edition"

It seems that billions of dollars won't buy Microsoft a clue. Concerned about the Asian computer market (a) using bootleg copies of Windows XP, and (b) switching to Linux, Microsoft has decided to bring out a crippleware OS, Windows XPSE. That's officially "Starter Edition" but SlashNot calls it "Suck Edition" for these reasons:

1. A limit of three running applications at one time.
2. A limit of three windows per application
3. No windows networking support
4. No significant ability to change default settings
5. Few of XPís built-in applications.

There's also no upgrade path, and -- according to Michael Robertson -- no support for multiple users, and limited screen resolution. The Gartner Group has taken the unusual step of recommending that nobody buy XPSE. Not that most McBlog readers will be able to; it won't be released in English, or sold in North America or Europe.


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