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I try not to harp upon the sad state of the economy because I dislike feeling like a doomsayer. But I want people to know that government statistics are lying to them about the "health of the economy" as much as they lied about the decline in terrorism in recent years - a claim that politicians have had to prominently and publicly retract, using no less a personage than Colin Powell as an apologist. (Imagine how badly wrong the data has to be for them to take that step.) Regarding their data on the economy, consider the following report from Reuters...

"The U.S. economy grew much more slowly than previously thought in the first quarter while inflation was higher, a government report showed .... The surprise downward revision to gross domestic product ... cut growth to a 3.9 percent annual rate .... The government also ratcheted up a key gauge of inflation ..." I want people to take steps right now to protect themselves from what could be an extremely ugly and painful economic collapse. Bob Wallace of The Price of Liberty site has a good article entitled "The Coming Housing Crash" by Bob Wallace Karen de Coster -- the Queen of Political Incorrectness (whom I still intend to mud-wrestle for that title, the usurping wench!) - has an excellent rant against Bush's cheerleaders who regale us on how "well" the economy is doing, especially the housing market. Another sign of government's deception? If the economy is booming and all is rosy, why are federal, state and local governments picking the lint out of taxpayers' pockets and inventing new fines everywhere we turn. Neil Cavuto of FOX News warns of yet another government attempt to snatch another dime away from you. Cavuto writes, "I want you to picture being dead. You're in a coffin, being lowered into the ground. And just as they're ready to put the dirt on you, a hand -- out of nowhere -- reaches into the casket to touch you. Actually it's trying to take something from you. You can't fight, because like I said, you're dead. So the hand creeps into your pocket and takes your wallet -- your whole wallet! Yes, just before you're finally put away and done away, away goes whatever you had left from this world. I'm laying it on to pass on this warning: The government is coming to a casket near you. The death tax [aka the estate tax] that we thought we ended is coming back. And the hand of Uncle Sam is coming back too. Unless Congress acts to stop it, we'll be seeing it in just a few years."

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