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06/18/2004 Archived Entry: "Barbie-wife"

Cartoon fix! Nick Anderson's "Torture Justified"; Stuart Carlson's "Theory of Relativity" (OUCH, that one's close to home!); and, Ted Rall's "Greater Good"

Sometimes news items leap from the page and slip themselves through the transom of my mind. Like a paragraph from The Economist (May 15th, p.23...I know, I know, its dated) that discusses the war in the Sudan. It reads, "A formal deal ending the war is expected in the next few weeks, possibly sooner. Since President George Bush is widely seen as the architect of peace, he is perhaps more popular in southern Sudan than anywhere else on earth. At the Rumbek sub-chief's election one young warrior called Tuapon leaps frenetically in the air, proudly waving a white Barbie-doll in a pink dress. 'This is a new wife for President Bush. May God grant him many fertile women with firm bodies and a election victory without problems in Flordia'."

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