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04/01/2004 Archived Entry: "Email viruses"

Grins: Mark Fiore's delightful animated "Sorry" and his rather heavy handed "philosophers"; Nick Anderson's "Warning Signs"; and, a Google Press release, dated April 1st, which I believe to be a tensile yield-strength test on the joints of my pedal extremety.

Please Note: Prolific email viruses are clogging the Internet. Our Linux system gives us immunity from those viruses but we still get spam and contagious email from people whose computers have been infected. If any of my several email addresses is in an infected address book, then you may be receiving email that purports to come from me/us since some of the viruses will grab onto eddresses and forward themselves automatically. We do not send out unexpected attachments to people; please do not click on anything purportedly from us that arrives in your inbox without prior notice. For more information about current viruses see Symantec (Norton).

Our unofficial co-McBlogger Gordon Pusch advises, "RE: the current gas-price "spike:" part of what is going on right now is a "seasonal adjustment" that happens =EVERY= Spring and Fall due to the gasoline companies being forced to comply with _Federal EPA regulations: 1.) The EPA mandates that gasoline companies =MUST= produce different `winter' and `summer' gasoline formulations; 2.) The EPA further mandates that gasoline companies must =NOT= allow these different gasoline formulations to mix together in storage tanks; 3.) The EPA further mandates that gasoline companies =MUST= "expend" =ALL= of the `winter' formulation gasoline before shipping any of the `summer' formulation, and vice versa.

"As a direct result of the above three EPA regulatory mandates, every Spring and Fall the gasoline market is compelled to undergo an _ARTIFICIAL SHORTAGE_, as reserves of the previous season's formulation become scarce, but gasoline companies are still forbidden by the EPA's fiat to begin shipping the following season's gasoline formulation. For details, please see the following Knowledge Problem blog-entries and linked articles - entry one and entry two -- as well as several subsequent blog entries. Hence, it is doubly disingenuous for a certain presidential candiate to be blaiming the incumbent and "monied interests" for a problem that was caused by compliance with said candidate's beloved EPA regulations, let alone once again shouting WE NEED MORE GOVERNMENT! in order to solve a problem that was caused by _TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT_ !!! (Besides, the incumbent has committed plenty of _real_ crimes against the Constitution and the American People that the candidate _ought_ to be accusing him of, if only he had the cajones!)"

More later in the day,

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