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02/24/2004 Archived Entry: "SEK3"

Samuel E. Konkin, III...Rest in Peace

Over the weekend, SEK3 (as he was known to friends) died in his Los Angeles apartment, apparently of natural causes, after collapsing in the shower. SEK3 would have been 57 in a few months. Memorial services are being planned. In Los Angeles, the most likely location is the Alpine Village which SEK3 frequented and where the first Karl Hess Supper Club met. For those who wish to keep informed of memorial plans, they are being discussed and news about SEK3 is being post on his yahoo discussion list, now managed by Kent Hastings. (For those unacquainted with SEK3, I recommend the following interview "Smashing the State for Fun and Profit Since 1969.") His major work, "New Libertarian Manifesto," is available online.

Good journey, my friend. I will miss you.

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