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02/10/2004 Archived Entry: "Brief blog"

Just a brief blog today, mostly to ensure that you don't experience humor withdrawal. So here's a batch of cartoons and other funnies: the Onion's Infographic "The Patriot Act's Problem Parts"; Past winners for "Wackiest Warning Labels"; Stuart Carlson's "Not Vietnam."; and, Joel Pett's "Six More Weeks"

An interview that purports to be with two American soldiers at home on leave from Iraq has been widely reprinted in indymedia around the world -- in South Africa, in Straight Goods Canada, through the various states, e.g. New York City...and the e-publications all credit one source The Axis of Logic which, in turn, credits the Coalition of Free Thought in Media. I used the word "purports" because the interview has a strange ring to me. I like it; it says what I hope servicemen are thinking and feeling but...it seems to be too perfectly antiwar, it seems, well...too perfect. I know, I know...I complain about how awful the state of the world is and, then, when something is right...I complain about *that* as well.

By the way, for those who follow my weekly column on FOX News, it is being moved to a Wednesday slot from its usual Tuesday one, effective next week.

Cheers, mac

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