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01/26/2004 Archived Entry: "e-voting again"

Quote of the Day:

"I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year."
-- Walden O'Dell, CEO of Diebold Inc., manufacturer of e-voting machines.

Scott M. sends an excellent link on the subject of e-voting. Dr. Rebecca Mercuri has been studying this issue for quite some time, and makes strong recommendations.

Don't say I didn't warn you. Microsoft is attempting to patent their XML document formats for Word. If granted, this will mean that competing word processors cannot legally read or write Word 2003 documents (or at least will have to pay a hefty license fee to Microsoft). This is contrary to the purpose of XML, an open standard that was intended to promote interoperability, but fully in keeping with Microsoft's strategy of customer lock-in. So don't believe Microsoft's propaganda about their use of XML. And if you were thinking of an upgrade to Office 2003, one word: don't.


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