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Cartoon fix: Clay Bennett's "The End"; Tom Toles' "Papers of Mass Destruction"; Ann Telnaes' "Going to Mars" - (did Ann peek at #1 in our Top Ten Reasons Bush is Going to the Moon?); and, Chuck Asay on government educators.

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And, remember, today is Personal Firewall Day! -- dedicated to educating everyone about the threats we face--and pose--when we don't protect our computers with personal firewalls. Privacy (and your civil liberty) is under attack on all fronts, not merely on the computer level...as Gordon P. reminded me in an email-update yesterday on some of the recent encroachments on privacy (not all of which relate to firewalls or computers): VeriSign will run global RFID network; Bush will hire private collection agencies for 'routine' tax collections; the Supreme Court refuses to hear case challenging secret 'detention' of non-citizens; and, Supreme Court upholds Police roadblocks to 'fish' for evidence. It is difficult to do anything about such invasions on a macrocosmic level...but you can take responsibility for your own privacy, which is the first line of defense for your civil liberties. One of the services this blog offers is to offer practical, hands-on advice about how to protect your computer privacy. I refer you to several earlier blog posts "Shields Up", "Paranoid? Moi?", and "More on Firewalls". Get safe.

Mary Lou Seymour's Liberty Action of the Week is a spirited campaign called "Almanacs for Ashcroft" which, as ML phrases it, "gives an opportunity to poke fun at Leviathan, or otherwise question authority?the golden opportunity to use humor and satire to fan the flames, and find some like minded folks who may be out there in sheeple land."

ML is referring to the FBI announcement that "Almanacs may be tools for terrorists" - an announcement that has been the brunt of jokes around the globe: for example, in India, in Australia, and in Canada. As well as crossing borders, the joke has crossed political lines with periodicals from the Sierra Times to CounterPunch to the New York Times joining in the laughter.

What is the "almanacs for Ashcroft" action? ML explains, "Originally suggested by the folks at Libertarian Political Action Alliance, the action idea is simple...encourage fine American folk to mail Ashcroft a copy of their favorite almanac and perhaps hold a public `almanac burning'!"

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