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12/16/2003 Archived Entry: ""

Cartoon Fix!...Ted Ralls' "Hey Foreigners!"; Steve Sack's "The Fine Print"; Paul Conrad's "The Grush Who Stole Christmas Yet to Come"; and, Ann Telnaes' "To the Victor", which I like because of the lapdog (Tony Blair).

Gratitude to Kirsten for bringing the two following links to my attention. K. writes, "I thought this was a funny article you might enjoy which pokes fun at the Bush administration's idea that the moon is big and big works." [Note: this is a comment on Bush's announced plans for American astronauts to return to the moon.] The article opens, "President Bush announced today that his administration plans to build a mall on Mars..." On a more serious note, K. points out "a really useful find for anyone wishing to pursue independent academic study. MIT is apparently opening up most of its course materials on the web for general public use. I checked out one class and found references for the reading materials, a syllabus and calendar, assignments with solutions, quizzese and exams with solutions, links to related resources, and video lectures. There are over 500 MIT courses available. Here's the link."

More commentary today as time permits. Meanwhile here's today's FOXNews/ifeminists column.

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