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11/18/2003 Archived Entry: "Addendum"

Fascinating. The last two blogs have ranted about Bush's high-profile planned visits with family members of British soldiers who have been killed in Iraq, an act of compassion that he has carefully and conspicuously*not* extended to American families. He doesn't want to even admit that "transfer tubes" -- Bush-speak for body bags -- are coming home and has virtually muzzled the press in that area. After posting today's earlier blog, I was slurping my morning coffee while listening to the 6:30 Headline News CNN/Atlanta (not the much superior CNN International) when a statement eliminated the need for caffeine. The broadcaster stated that Bush would be visiting the families of British victims of *9-11*! The British press is/was extremely clear; Bush would visit with families of soldiers killed in Iraq. Several explanations are possible: CNN got it wrong or whitewashed the story; the Bush administration sent out an inaccurate press release for domestic consumption; realizing how bad this makes Bush look, a quick shift of plans occurred. I'm going to follow this thread...

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