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10/22/2003 Archived Entry: "And the hunter home from the hill..."

Back at last. But too exhausted to give details...Instead...

Once again I offer a precise of Mary Lou Seymour's generally excellent Liberty Action of the Week: this time October 21st, "Bring them home now, Mr. Bush!" Mary Lou writes of the war/occupation in Iraq, "And now, here we are, in October. After it became clear to everyone except the most diehard neo-con Bush supporter that there were no WMDs to justify the War on Iraq, and that the bill for "rebuilding" the Iraq we destroyed would hit $87 billion, even the War Party has begun to have serious doubts (War worried Republicans) and the polls suggest "a continuing fall in the popularity of the President" (Worries at the White House). Soldiers families who had thought their husbands and brothers and sisters would be home shortly after Bush declared the "end" of hostilities in May finally began receiving 2 week furloughs at the end of September. (A Break from the Fighting.) And then the 'spam propeganda' story hit the news ... the fake good news letters from Iraq supposedly penned by different grunts on the front lines and sent to over 500 newspapers, which turned out to be the work of master propagandist Lt. Col. Dominic Caraccilo, whose other work on behalf of his masters in Washington included reports of chemical weapons ... which turned out to be fake. (Googling the War Party.)

To me, the most valuable section of this week's Liberty action is the list of methods by which to support the anti-war effort. The admittedly leftist organizations United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) and Act Now to Stop War & End Racism (ANSWER) are organizing a march against the occupation of Iraq, which will occur on Saturday, October 25 in Washington, DC. Libertarians for Peace offers an online petition and "contacts for libertarians doing peace organizing, as well as a list of suggestions for non-violent actions you can take for peace." And, of course, my favorite...antiwar.com... For conservatives, Right Against the War has a petition for "patriotic Americans Against the War." The Network to End the War against Iraq has a map of anti-war contacts by state, action alerts, and a calendar of events. Education for Peace in Iraq also has action alerts, contacts and calendars as well as latest news.

Mary Lou writes, "Join the over 300,000 who have already signed the Vote to Impeach Bush petition which promotes impeachment as the means for preventing George W. Bush from continuing the war of aggression against Iraq, and from advancing a first strike potentially nuclear preemptive war. and provides an online petition you can sign and downloadable petitions (pdf) to get signed in your community. And finally, Bring Them Home Now, a campaign of military families,veterans, active duty personnel, reservists and others opposed to the ongoing war in Iraq and galvanized to action by George W. Bush's inane and reckless challenge to armed Iraqis resisting occupation to "Bring 'em on." has a wonderful selection of downloadable bumper stickers, posters and flyers, with the image of a peace sign and yellow ribbon." Frankly, I have no confidence in referendums and I oppose voting in them. But...the info is provided for those who do not have my anarchistic reservations.

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