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09/24/2003 Archived Entry: "Banned Books Week"

[Please note that I will be travelling for the next five days and, so, the blog will be utterly neglected!]

See how your vision can be tricked. The images are not actually moving -- a fact you can verify by placing a fixed object in your field of vision.

Thanks once more to Mary Lou Seymour for providing links to the following, which is a precis of her Liberty Action for this week: Celebrate Banned Books Week, sponsored by the American Library Association. The message of Banned Books Week -- to cherish and defend the First Amendment -- is crucial. What books are under most viogorous attack this year? Harry Potter tops the list and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is back in the spotlight again. The books listed on Forbidden Library have all been challenged at one time or another. For a even more comprehensive list, see the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. ("Banned" means that the book was successfully removed. "Challenged" means that the book was an object of protest.) Many of these books are e-available at Banned Books On-Line. Also see The Banned Books web store for un-PC books, vides and tapes...as well as other info. As Mary Lou observes, "This year, there are two new fronts in the war on the First Amendment, brought on by the rise in popularity of the Internet and the scare tactics of the Bush Regime's 'War on Terror'." 1) The Children's Internet Protection Act of 2000, or CIPA, requires schools and libraries to use filtering software by July 2004 to "protect kids online" in order to get federal money for internet access. Some libraries are fighting back: Alachua County [FL]; Fairbanks {AK]; Grand Haven [MI]; and, Johnson County [KS].

Best to all.

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