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08/22/2003 Archived Entry: "Sobig.F"

Tony Auth's latest cartoon "The Sacrifices Will Go On" is worth checking out. Ditto an older Clay Bennett cartoon entitled "Home Security." (And while you are at Bennett's site, view his archives. Mark Fiore -- who has been a bit disappointing of late -- offers an good animation this week -- "Action Pack."

Favorite email of today, from Gordon P..."The "Slammer" worm _did_ take down an Ohio nuclear plant last January that was being run on Windoze, and the "SoBig.F" virus took down Amtrak and Virginia Railway Express when it infected the Windoze 2000 and NT systems that ran CSX, the third-largest U.S. railroad, slowing or halting service on its 23,000-mile eastern U.S. network, forcing cancellation of some Washington-area trains and causing delays averaging six to 10 hours. It also infected AOL TimeWarner and Starbucks Coffee. Meanwhile, the Feds and Microsoft are apparrently working together to prepare evidence that "the 'Blaster' worm and its variants, coupled with an email virus called 'SoBig-F' show signs of a coordinated attack by an entity wanting to disrupt world commerce." Why, what a great excuse you've found to write off the consequences of Micro$haft's sloppy software engineering, lousy quality-control, and unwillingness to patch up bugs that should have never been shipped, Mr. Gates!"

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