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08/09/2003 Archived Entry: "Napalm by another name"

Napalm by another name.... So much for the Pentagon's claim that napalm is *not* being used in Iraq. It seems that "napalm" is a brand name, like Kleenex, and the US military is not using that particular brand of fuel-gel mixture in its bombs, just another fuel-gel mixture that does pretty much the identical thing.

Not much to report. Brad and I attended a morning auction -- starting at 10:00 with a viewing at 9:00 -- but the few items that interested me were being bid up to double what I was willing to pay so we trundled back home early to work in front of our computers. On the way down our gravel road, we once again decided not to kill our neighbor's geese. For months, a rather sizeable flock of her geese has been crossing the gravel road at a juncture where a pond abuts each side. Or, rather, they have *not* been crossing. They lie out on the road, basking in the sun and safety -- safety because it is the high grasses that geese have to fear, grasses in which foxes and racoons hide. I swear...every time we head into town, we have to slow down to a virtual stop and almost nudge those stupid, arrogant geese with our front bumper before they waddle away slower than can be measured by human devices. When the new-borns couldn't fly, it was at least interesting. We would approach the flock and the adults would attack our car, trying to divert attention from the young, allowing them to escape the big, mean predator by plopping into one pond or another. Now the whole crew just flaps off at the last possible moment. I sincerely hope my neighbor is serving goose at her Christmas party.

Best to all,

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