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07/26/2003 Archived Entry: "Elvii"

As August approaches, I urge everyone to join the boycott of the Recording Industry Association of America which has been sparked by the RIAA's totalitarian moves to stop peer-to-peer downloading of music. The very fact that a private industry can issue its own legally-enforceable subpoenas should provoke outrage. August has been slated as the month to express such indignation; refuse to buy new CDs from producers associated with RIAA. Instead, buy used CDs or buy from independent producers and stores.

Brad and I made a clean getaway yesterday -- but it was a close call! We'd forgotten that a near-by town was hosting the Elvis Festival, which draws hundreds of Elvis imitators -- we call them Elvii -- when we decided to have lunch there in one of our favorite hang-outs. Luckily, most of the nightspots, spare parking lots, civic areas, empty parking lots...you name it...were just setting up their portable sound stages and nothing was officially scheduled while we there. The waitresses at our hang-out sported Elvis T-shirts, the bulk store at which I stopped offered peanut butter and banana sandwiches (an Elvis favorite), main street was shut down to cars, Brad had to walk by a street-Elvis who belted out "The Wonder of You," the Pet Store had a large sign -- "We welcome Hound Dogs", our 2nd favorite hang-out had folding chairs filling its parking lot in anticipation of Elvii entertainers...perhaps even one of the female imitators (which I *really* don't get), McDonald's announced "We serve Elvis!" -- which clears up what they do with the contest losers, I suppose....

We have no excuse. The Festival is held every year at the same time. And we even discussed it last week during the drive home from a concert by a group we love The Nylons.

Best to all,

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