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07/16/2003 Archived Entry: "OnPower.org"

David Theroux of the Independent Institute writes, "Especially now as new revelations are coming to light daily regarding the true basis of the U.S.'s war in and now occupation of Iraq, we believe that you may be particularly interested in the Independent Institute's new web site on war and government power, OnPower.org. OnPower.org is a one-stop Internet resource featuring a bibliographic compendium of both scholarly and popular works and commentary on the domestic and international effects of national "crises," especially including interventionist wars around the world to create a U.S. empire."

As the killing of the Coalition Forces -- read Occupation Forces -- in Iraq continues, more and more parents will share the agony of one British father who asks "Why did my boy have to die?" An American father provides this letter from his son who is serving in Iraq. The young son declares, "Get us out of here now! There is nothing we can do to pacify the Iraqi people except get out of their country and allow them to restore order in whatever way THEY wish." Regarding Bush's arrogant statement of "Bring them on!" to those who wish to kill US soldiers, he responds, "Myself and every last man in my unit are deeply offended that our President would make such a statement inviting us to be attacked. President Bush has lost the respect of every soldier I have spoken to because of his speaking those irresponsible words. Those words spread like wild-fire amoung the troops. We are here because he ordered us to be here and now for him to make such a ridiculous statement inviting violence towards us causes us to lose respect for him and his judgement. We are learning that we never should have come here in the first place. Believe me Dad, there is a completely different attitude now. The fact that the President gave rich people a tax cut and didn't do anything for military families is hurtful. Where there was once pride and satisfaction in defeating an enemy there is now regret and shame. God Bless America."

Featured articles de jour: 1) Crossing the Rubicon by Jacob G. Hornberger, who states, "Have you noticed how many Americans get upset over the comparisons that are increasingly being made between the United States and National Socialist Germany? After all, it's not as though we're living in a police state, right? " 2) Eden's Long Gone by Charley Reese, "Saddam's brutality was exaggerated, at least in its scope, for war propaganda purposes. He never killed as many Iraqis as American warmongers claimed. Heck, if he had, the country would be depopulated, and it's a strange kind of dictatorship when practically every Iraqi had a gun. There were 40 gun stores in Baghdad. I bet that's about 40 more than there are in Washington, D.C." 3) Into Africa - How Iraq begat Liberia by Jesse Walker, "With the national-security arguments for the Iraq war in tatters, the only remaining justifications for that war are the nastiness of the Ba'athist regime and the alleged benefits of American nation-building. And those, adjusted just slightly for local conditions, are the arguments we hear for sending U.S. troops to Liberia."

Like many people, I have been the recent and repeated recipient of emails -- purportedly from PayPal, Ebay, etc. -- that urge me to confirm my membership information, including credit card numbers, passwords etc. The scams are becoming more clever and the consequences of "complying" with their requests can devastate your financial life. I recommend a visit to Identity Theft Center if you have any questions about the subject. And remember! Never, ever give out passwords, SSNs, your mother's maiden name, etc. in email. If PayPal et al need to refresh your information, they will ask you to logon and do so through your account.

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