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06/20/2003 Archived Entry: "Mate Poaching"

According to an article by Thomas C. Greene entitled "US Senator pauses on PC destruct button," Orrin Hatch (Republican, Utah) has "backed down slightly from his bizarre remarks Tuesday advocating the remote destruction of computers belonging to copyright scofflaws." Could one reason be that the Senator was outed by a blogger re: his site being "in violation of a software license requirement related to the javascript menus he's using"? O the humanity! Wired has also picked up on the story.

Mate poaching: I mention the subject not merely to be provocative but also to introduce people to a new venture by good friend Jack Pugsley. No, no! Not mate poaching itself but... Well, I'll let Jack speak for himself: "I thought you might find my new, weekly E-letter of interest. It will explore breaking developments in evolutionary biology that are applicable to our daily decisions. If you find it of interest, click the SUBSCRIBE link at the bottom, and check out our website."

An excerpt from his newsletter follows... "THE BIOLOGY OF LOVE: Ever Lost Your Lover to a Mate Poacher? Evolutionary psychologists are honing in on the roots of mate poaching, the often successful attempt to win away the affections of someone already in a relationship. David Schmitt and David M. Buss have authored the first study of the phenomenon of mate poaching. They were surprised at how common poaching is and they hope to use this and future studies to understand infidelity and to be able to better counsel those with problems." A report of the results.
The original paper
available as a .pdf file.

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