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05/25/2003 Archived Entry: "Vampires"

A whimsical beginning today. I've been enjoying Jason Nolan's blog, entitled " Just differently intelligent: not actually stupid," especially his travel chronicle of attending the Transylvanian Society of Dracula conference held in -- where else? -- Transylvania! aka Romania. I will be visiting the site every morning for the next few days in order to live vicariously.

The WorldNetDaily column Vox Day includes an interesting question from a reader: I have a very simple question. What happens to all the personal property that is confiscated at airports? I ask because my husband travels on business with his tools a lot. He and his colleagues constantly report that their tools are being confiscated. My husband had some valuable ones confiscated out of his carry-on, but he has also had tools confiscated from his checked luggage as well. I know that we are not allowed to come back and claim the confiscated property, nor pay to have it shipped back to us. We are not even given receipts for it. So what happens to it? And what law (constitutionality aside) permits the government to take it from us without compensation? Sarah"

Vox Day answers, "I hate to disappoint you Sarah, but I simply don't know. I rather suspect the tools are claimed for personal use by those who are doing the confiscating. This behavior is very much in keeping with the various seizures being practiced on all levels of government around the country, in violation of numerous state constitutions and laws protecting private property. As American property rights decline, it is becoming more and more clear that government is usually little more than a massive criminal gang feeding off the populace."

See you tomorrow,

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