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05/17/2003 Archived Entry: "Chickenhawk Cards"

The latest Boondocks cartoon entitled "Riley Gets the Scoop" is cute in its cynical way. Even more cynical are the Chicken Hawk Playing Cards -- definition of a Chickenhawk = "THEY'RE ALL FOR WAR...AS LONG AS THEY DON'T HAVE TO SERVE!" The deck is the anti-war movement's answer to the Iraqi playing cards handed out to Coalition troops which featured the photographs of the 52 "most wanted" fugitives within Iraq. Personally, I thought it was a clever way to familiarize the soldiers with the faces of fugitives. What I objected to was the media's reporting of captures as (e.g.) "the 2 of Spades is now in US hands!" For me, it epitomized the trivialization and sanitizing of war that defined/defines the news coverage in America.

I think the Washington Post is correct in reporting, "President Bush appears to be in no political danger from the failure to find chemical, biological and nuclear weapons in Iraq, with Democrats reluctant to challenge Bush on any aspect of the war and polls showing Americans unconcerned about weapons discoveries." The Iraq invasion is the 21st century's "Splendid Little War", which will be followed by a Hideous Big Peace. And lost in the entire process, like a handful of loose coins, are the Invetebrate Democrats. All I see on the horizon are the same spineless Democrats who jumped to their feet, saluting war, and yelling "Me Too!" at every war move, every Homeland Security measure. (Dennis Kucinich and Carol Moseley-Braun excepted.) The politicians who might provide a counter-voice to the cries for imperialism are scared speechless by the upcoming elections, and the media is so in love with being embedded that they've slipped into bed with the military.

Thank God for alternate news sources. Speaking of which...The Memory Hole makes an interesting accusation: namely, that the London Evening Standard deliberately faked a photograph in order to make an Iraqi crowd celebrating Saddam's downfall appear much larger than it was. Check out the evidence and judge for yourself.

On the Personal Level:

Yesterday was a grey, chill, and drizzly day. Brad and I had a delightful time buzzing around the county, yard-sailing until our truck was full -- among other purchases...a deacon's bench in decent condition that is perfect for our foyer. Friday was the beginning of the long (Queen) Victoria Day Weekend, which is the best yard-sailing weekend of the year...by far. Yesterday was even better than usual for buyers because most of the sellers set up despite the weather -- after all, they'd gone to the trouble of preparing and buying ads -- but the buyers were fewer and far between. That imbalance translated into bargaining power and goods that weren't picked over. We'll be out catching all the Saturday morning sales in about an hour from now. Wish us luck!

Best to all,

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