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03/09/2003 Archived Entry: "Satire Search"

On the Political Front:

To cope with the unremitting news of war, I recommend Satire Search -- a search engine that tracks down satire on the Web. Just feed in the key word "Iraq." The item of the moment is "Poll: No Support For Iraq War If It Preempts Primetime Shows."

Applause...to the privacy advocate who is leading a boycott against Delta Airlines for including a check of their customers' bank accounts and credit records as part of profiling them. Visit his Boycott Delta site where he recommends 1. Don't fly Delta Airlines, 2. Divest Delta Stock, 3. Quit Delta’s Skymiles program and donate them to charity, 4. Write Delta, 5. Call Delta 1-404-715-2554, 6. Write your US Congressman, 7. Wear your support from the Boycott Delta Store. The boycott has legs: Over 200,000 unique visitors have visited the BoycottDelta website since it went live on the 3rd of March.

Tidbits on the war...thrown your way by a woman temporarily too jaded to comment:
13 Questions We Wish They'd Asked At President Bush's Press Conference Thursday Night from the New York Times.
Well, someone is trying to come up with numbers..."The Congressional Budget Office estimated today that simply sending troops and equipment to the Persian Gulf to fight Iraq and returning them home would cost nearly $25 billion. Also from the New York Times.
**Military Call-up Impacts 3-out-of-4 US cities

On the Personal Front:

There is irony and sadness in the fact that my work for the last several weeks has required me to focus on an in-depth analysis of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. I have deep respect for those documents even tho' I am sufficiently acquainted with their history not to genuflect before them -- (the Bill of Rights is the only candidate that tempts me). The Declaration specifically omitted the passage blasting the slave trade which Jefferson had penned, the compromise Constitution included blacks as 3/5ths of a human being for purposes of taxation and representation...and these are tough criticisms to overcome. But as flawed as those documents were...my God! they were also magnificent. I will try to find the satire item with a headline somewhat like this -- "This just in! Constitution FOUND. It fell behind the radiator."

Best to all,

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