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03/05/2003 Archived Entry: "The Surrender of MSNBC"

On the Political Front:

Check out Tom Tomorrow's hilarious new cartoon strip entitled The Loyal American's Guide to War Preparedness.

My favorite panel alters "French Kiss" to "Freedom Kiss"...a comment, of course, on France's staunch opposition to Bush's imminent invasion of Iraq, for which France has been called an "appeaser" of Saddam and a "cheese-eating surrender monkey." But, as Joe Sobran points out in an excellent column, "The plain fact is that the French and German governments are staunchly refusing to appease the greatest power on earth: the U.S. Government. If anyone deserves to be called an appeaser, you’d think it would be Britain’s Tony Blair, Bush’s shameless lackey." Perhaps we should call Blair a Stilton-eating surrender monkey.

If Donahue is MSNBC's top-rated program (as it is/was), why was it cancelled? "Although Donahue didn't know it at the time, his fate was sealed a number of weeks ago after NBC News executives received the results of a study commissioned to provide guidance on the future of the news channel....The study went on to claim that Donahue presented a difficult public face for NBC in a time of war." For "difficult" read "antiwar." The punishment of antiwar activists is accelerating. For example...Bernadette Devlin, the Irish activist for Catholic rights and former Member of the Irish Parliament was denied entry on February 21st into the United States where she wished to visit her daughter. Devlin has freely visited dozens there of time in the last few decades...but never before under Ashcroftian justice. The grounds? The State Department declared that she "poses a serious threat to the security of the United States." Devlin has been vocally antiwar.

Check out Alan Bock's article entitled "What's the Real Key to Our Freedom?" It is a good read.

On the Personal Front:

Not much on my horizon but work and more work for the next few days. Ifeminists.com is doing well, with the second installment of the free weekly enewsletter zipping out on schedule. (For those who wish to subscribe, write to me at mac@ifeminists.net.)

Best to all

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